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Innovative functions that help to deliver competitive differentiation

Functional features

The features below represent functional characteristics of the ScramCard device. Each function delivers a method by which to address an operational requirement in support of the corresponding financial and/or authentication based features that can be configured alongside them.

They also deliver alternative and economical means by which to generate incremental revenue or save operational expense.

One-Time-PIN (OTP)

The OTP feature provides a useful means by which to ensure that a user can prove that they’re in possession of a physical ScramCard device.

It also provides a simple transition from a weak static password to that of supporting dual factor authentication.


What’s my PIN? (MYPIN)

Delays in getting a new or replacement PIN is an obvious inconvenience for consumers and could mean a loss of income for the card issuer.

The MYPIN feature allows for the secure communication of the user’s PIN directly from the ScramCard device, allowing it to be used immediately.


Linking cards

Payment cards linked to the ScramCard WALLET product are not cloned. The ScramCard merely acts as a secure means by which to give users the freedom to choose which card they would like to fund a given purchase with.

All linked card details are tokenized and are never stored on the WALLET.



The desire to play with a ScramCard device will occasionally result in the product being temporarily locked due to the input of multiple invalid PINs.

The T-LOCKED feature allows the card’s owner to unlock the card by inputting the correct PIN after a pre-determined period of time.


Endless possibilities to gain a competitive advantage

If none of our four example propositions meet your requirements it is not to say that ScramCard isn’t for you.

While each proposition is defined by its core capabilities, each card can be completely reconfigured, both in terms of the UNIQUE functional, financial and authentication based features they provide and the buttons against which each feature operates.

Hence, nothing is fixed and the possibilities are literally endless for you to invent your own card proposition and go-to-market product.

“The ability of a successful company to add functionality to its product has long been upheld.”

Bill Gates

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