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An opportunity to take back control and gain peace-of-mind…

What does ScramCard offer a Consumer?

With increasing levels of payment and identity related fraud; unequalled levels of competition and incoming banking legislation – of which consumers undoubtedly know very little – it’s no wonder that consumers are confused and afraid.

From open banking and its 180 degree turn, in terms of what a consumer can do with the information held about them, to the increase in payment related fraud from the introduction of many unregulated payment products and services, ScramCard’s objective is to deliver peace-of-mind and calm in a world of confusion and fear.

With next generation cards that put control firmly back into the hands of the consumer and alleviate them from being the last line of defense, when using products and services that cannot guarantee security or the protection of their money, ScramCard delivers the next must have financial accessory.

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…while the financial landscape changes around you at an alarming rate.

“We deliver products that mitigate the risk of payment fraud and identity theft because stopping it before it happens is far more appealing than having to deal with it after it’s occurred.”

Simon Hewitt, ScramCard CEO

Patents pending