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An opportunity to introduce a must-have financial accessory…

What does ScramCard offer a Brand?

With competition and innovation becoming the mainstay for the sustained success and protection of most brands, an opportunity to be different and deliver something new and desirable should not be overlooked.

In a world of limited attention and immediacy of need, the next best thing is always at risk of being over shadowed by the next best thing. As a result, that next best thing should be something that can deliver sustained innovation and prolonged benefit beyond its initial attraction.

ScramCard offers brands the opportunity to invent products such as the WALLET proposition that not only delivers innovation and unique benefit, but pays back through an offer of access to data that provides a unique perspective on consumer behaviour.

For further information on how ScramCard was invented to help you, please contact us.

…and a unique means by which to nurture the consumer relationship.

“ScramCard provides brands with product innovation and a unique view of consumer habit from which to help influence a positive perception of brand value.”

Simon Hewitt, ScramCard CEO

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