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Vision: “A world without financial fraud and identity theft”

ScramCard was established in 2014 to progress the work started by its founder – Simon Hewitt – some 10 years earlier, in the development of convenient and secure solutions to payment and identity related fraud.

But why Scram?

Because the name sends a clear and confident message to fraudsters and criminals everywhere who will try to compromise the range of ScramCard products.

10 years in the making…

As Chief Security Officer in a number of financial institutions, Simon was responsible for the defences of his business that encompassed multiple security issues across multiple business areas.

Solutions to weaknesses were traditionally addressed with separate and often disparate ‘patches’, complicating security for the business and clients alike. It was and still remains little more than patching the chinks in the armour.

Simon’s quest was to create a new armour for payment and identity protection that’s literally impenetrable to fraud, as opposed to merely adjusting the rules of criminal engagement such that it’s only a matter of time before the new rules are broken.

Invented for you…

ScramCard is the culmination of a decade’s work to deliver solutions that not only mitigate risk across multiple business lines but also do so in such a way that customer loyalty is enhanced and new customers are attracted.

With an attention to detail, design, usability and quality, ScramCard’s products represent a completely new dimension in validating transactions for financial and security conscious professionals and end users alike. A ‘must have’ for institutions committed to providing confidence to their clients.

Mission: “To create a successful and sustainable business proposition through the delivery of convenient and highly secure products and services for all methods of payment and identity protection.”

Patents pending