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Proposition 2: Attract new customers and incremental revenue…

What is WALLET?

ScramCard’s WALLET proposition leverages a proprietary card-linking feature to support highly secure polymorphic payments that would allow alternative payment cards and virtual currencies to be used as the source of funding for all purchases and cash withdrawals.

These features would be delivered within a single electronic device resembling something consumers already carry and are therefore familiar with.  Namely, a payment card, albeit with a 9-digit eInk display, embedded battery and capacitive touch numerical keypad.

As a product offering, the card’s configuration leverages ScramCard’s functional, financial and authentication based features to deliver the capabilities needed to enable polymorphic payments and purchase protection.

The consolidation of such features is what defines this proposition and allows us to present an example product offering that we have called WALLET. A product that would also provide the issuer with a unique insight into their consumers’ financial behaviour.

Please note that this is not a specific product but an illustration of a ScramCard device configured to deliver innovative payment capabilities with literally billions of other combinations possible depending on the specific needs of the issuer.

…while gaining access to a unique consumer perspective on consumer spending.

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