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An opportunity to significantly reduce access control related expense…

What does ScramCard offer an Enterprise?

As the need for data and physical protection and security increases, so too does the burden of authentication management and expense, as more and more systems and requirements fall within the veil of essential access control.

With many solutions requiring the user to carry multiple cumbersome devices to manage their digital and physical access needs, the risk of forgetting or inadvertently divulging corresponding passwords or access codes – needed to supplement or control the disparate devices now being carried – will increase.

ScramCard’s suite of solutions are aimed at helping enterprise clients consolidate and simplify their access control requirements such as defined by the TOKEN proposition. As a product, TOKEN would alleviate the need for users to have to remember anything more than a single PIN, while delivering access codes unique to each of the systems and applications under management.

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…while simplifying the burden of complex authentication management.

“ScramCard’s enhanced and consolidated access control solutions deliver operational excellence, data integrity and cost reduction where needed.”

Simon Hewitt, ScramCard CEO

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