Former Westpac exec fights fraudsters with Da Vinci card

A former senior security executive at Westpac has founded a firm that lets people put all of their cards on a single piece of plastic that generates one-time PINs for transactions. Called ScramCard, the UK startup lets users link up to eight cards, online or via an app, to their Da Vinci Choice Mastercard, which has an e-ink display, touch numerical keypad and battery.

When they want to make a payment in-store or make an ATM withdrawal, users press a button to pick which card they want, then press the POS button and enter the Da Vinci card’s PIN, which generates a one-time code that is entered into the terminal.

The card also supports contactless, requiring users to press a tap and pay button and enter their Da Vinci code before a transaction. Meanwhile, for online and telephone purchases, the card generates a one-time expiry date and CVV number.

The brainchild of former Westpac chief security officer Hewitt, ScramCard is inviting Brits to register interest in the £75 Da Vinci card ahead of its planned arrival early next year.

Says Hewitt: “Right now, the industry is stopping two-thirds of card fraud, but criminals still made off with nearly £300m in the first half of 2017. It’s beyond time that we stop it all. This is our vision.

“I’ve seen first-hand how easily people fall victim to fraud, and even if the money is returned, it’s a huge hassle and leaves people in the lurch with their personal finances. Our proposition is simple; work with us to cut financial fraud out of your wallet.”

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